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The HomePod is now back in new avatar & exclusive features. Here is what it got !!

homepod revamped

The second generation HomePod features the 4-inch high quality woofer as before. The new five tweeters replaces the seven on original model.

The six microphones on the original model are have been replaced by four new far-field quality recievingmics. There’s also an internal low-latency calibration mic for automatic bass removing.

 It has the Apple S7 SoC integrated with computational-audio and real-time tuning on this.

The new HomePod also supports stereo pairing

These can provide information real-time information on your surroundings and automatically turn functions, such as switching on the air conditioning or closing the fan cooling when a pre-defined temperature target mets.

Hence, new HomePod also includes temperature and humidity sensors. 

HomePod can also listen for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and send a emergency notification on user’s iPhone if a sound is identified and then trigerred.